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with Business and Executive Coach Mike Smit

Bizfit Consulting is a consulting firm that coach, trains and develops business owners and management to navigate both business and personal challenges to achieve their goals and desired performance.



We want our clients to have time and resources to spend on the things that are important to them.In other words… We help our clients to spring clean their business and their lives and regain control so that they can work ON their business rather than IN or FOR their business.


Mike supports the owner/entrepreneur and the teams to achieve their goals and to manage the company.

He acts as a shadow director/manager, facilitator, mentor and coach. He applies his own coaching system called My Life Plan™.
My Life Plan™ focuses on planning a purposeful life and creating a legacy by pursuing meaningful goals in key life areas to:

Set achievable goals in a way that is consistent with the other things that are important in their business and their lives.
Determine what has to happen for those goals to be accomplished.
Put in place a system of management controls to monitor performance and identify emerging problems.
Act as a sounding board, thinking and accountability partner for our clients.
Keep them focused on the Main Thing.


The business growth workshop is designed to discover how to increase revenue and minimize and manage costs in order to increase profit. Drawing on his varied background Mike combines the Business Fitness Test™, My Life Plan™ and "The Jockey and 8 wild horses" programs that he developed to challenge his clients to greater heights.
My Life Plan™ focuses on planning a purposeful life and creating a legacy by pursuing meaningful goals in key life areas. The Business Fitness Test™ measures the fitness (effectiveness) in key areas of the business to timeously determine shortcomings and opportunities thereby increasing the probability of survival/success. The Jockey and 8 wild horses identifies the levers in a business to dramatically increase profits.


You will learn how to:
  • Increase leads
  • Increase customers and clients
  • The BIGGEST secret in getting more business from your existing clients
  • Get your sales staff selling more
  • Get more sales through customer service
  • Increase REVENUE
  • Minimize and control COSTS
  • Have more time to do the things you want to do with better work/life balance


Although they are usually good at the technical work of their business (the owner of the grooming salon is great at poodle clipping), they often don't have a good understanding of tracking and interpreting crucial management information. Or they may not appreciate the importance of visualizing , recording and tracking their goals. They may, as a result, make poor strategic decisions. Effective marketing campaigns may elude them, so that they spend unnecessary time and money on promotions that don't work. Oftentimes they are poor managers of others, so that the challenge of recruiting, training and retaining great employees drags the business (and the business owner) down. Perhaps they are adept at getting new clients, but keeping them is another story entirely. Business ownership can be a lonely endeavor, and not having an objective sounding board leaves entrepreneurs alone to make decisions that shape the course of their entire future.

This is where coaching comes in. Mike will walk you through the process of establishing your personal and professional goals, and create a means for tracking your progress toward their attainment. You and Mike will work together to evaluate your strategies for managing, sales and marketing, and client fulfillment. Mike creates accountability, dedicated thinking time for problem solving, strategy and planning by being an objective sounding board most business owners lack.

I want people to look at me and say:
"Because of you I succeeded!"
- Mike Smit

Clients includes amongst others Barclays Techlab Africa entrepreneurs, diverse small businesses, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, world renowned space satellite engineer, international award winning entrepreneurs, COO of an international venture capital firm, an international renowned executive coach, well known radio personality, director of the world's best known energy drink brand, internationally acclaimed magician and comedian, top financial advisors and others.


Mike Smit is the founder and owner of Bizfit Consulting which specializes in coaching of high impact business owners and executives to navigate both business and personal challenges of running and growing a profitable business.

Having held various management and director positions in both the corporate and entrepreneurial environment across different industries the past 24 years, he gained extensive insight in business management, sales and marketing and people development.

Drawing on his varied background he combines the Business Fitness Test™, My Life Plan™ and "9 Keys to increase profits" program that he developed to challenge his clients to greater heights.

Mike is a qualified wealth planner from the University of Stellenbosch, a graduate of the Liberty Leadership Academy and is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist. He studied coaching through the University of Middlesex. As a member of an elite army unit he gained valuable leadership experience and has coached award winning entrepreneurs.

Mike is currently working on an e-book on business coaching. He is a self-proclaimed potjie master and an avid reader. He enjoys squash, mountain biking and camping with his family.


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